Songs for Isaiah

I never realized how motherhood and songwriting go hand in hand.

I’m a slower, more deliberate songwriter in the grand scheme of things (with the exception of those “gift” songs that are just whispered to you by the universe).  But since Isaiah came along, I write dozens of little melodies every day.  Granted, they’re not all for general consumption (I think Isaiah’s the only one who cares to probe the deep symbolism of “The Diaper Song,” for example). But I notice as the days go by, that these tiny melodies and funny rhymes are building a rhythm.  A rhythm of singing through the day, and responding to life’s every moment through music.

And out of the fertile soil of the silly songs, some grown-up tunes are sprouting as well.  Pulling me out of old ways of composing and drawing me into a stream of sound where I  take what comes my way with easy gratitude.

Thanks, Isaiah.  Thanks, Universe.  I’m having a great time.

Here’s a little preview from the next album.  It’s a song that got here before Isaiah did 🙂