Special Guest with Eddy Marcano in NYC, May 1


This is the title of one of my favorite Venezuelan songs by Otilio Galindez, that says…

It is a shame, love.
It would have been so beautiful
if you had loved me as much I loved you.
It is a shame, love.
Living through this sad winter,
listening to the rain tell me so many things as it falls.

The melody is mournful, but incredibly soothing.  Listen to Cecilia Todd in this recording, and just see if the song doesn’t draw your heart right out of you.

I’ll be singing “Caramba” with Eddy Marcano and his quintet next weekend in New York, and I’m feeling grateful for this and other happy surprises.

Follow the link below for details and directions to Merkin Hall:

Sunday, May 1, 7:00 pm

Primavera musical
Guest vocalist with Eddy Marcano Quintet at Merkin Hall, NYC