“Chase the Sun,” Pre-order New Album from The Mays

On these cold, dark days I’m glad to have the love and light of The Early Mays to look forward to.  I treasure our rehearsals and the way that singing together can soothe my soul, but also strengthen my resolve.  I value the company of two fearless and immensely talented women who are part of this group with me.

As 2016 comes to a close, we will start our new recording project, and would be grateful for your support.  At our Kickstarter site, you can pre-order a CD or opt for some other creative and fun gifts like original art, tote bags and sheet music.  It’s really worth a visit because Ellen has creating beautiful artwork just for the occasion (did I mention something about talent?).

Read more here: http://kck.st/2fyuYw2

We’re glad to share our musical journey with you.  Please pass the word to other folks who might be interested in this project!

All my best…