Musica Chilena

I have been a dedicated student of Chilean music since 1996 when I first traveled there on an exchange program.  I’ve had the great fortune to spend almost three years in the central valley, studying with musical masters like Alfonso Rubio, Santos Rubio, Osvaldo Ulloa, Pedro Yáñez, Patricia Chavarría, José Cabello and Osvaldo Jaque. Much of what I sing and write has been shaped by these musicians.  Little by little, I will be sharing stories about each of them and about the traditions they are a part of.  

First I’ll introduce the guitarroneros of Pirque, the gentlemen who have played and taught the guitarrón, a twenty-five string Chilean guitar that is the most important instrument in a tradition called canto a lo poeta…

Osvaldo “Chosto” Ulloa, Cantor a lo Divino

Santos Rubio Morales, Cantor, Payador, y Maestro