Marcia y Emily

Marcia and Emily with the Coro Latinoamericano

Marcia Moreno and Emily Pinkerton crossed paths in Cleveland, OH in 2005, forming a breathtaking musical partnership.  To the accompaniment of South America strings, they sing chilling harmonies, as tightly woven as the voices of two sisters.

Marcia and Emily came to know the folk music of Chile through very different trajectories, however. Marcia grew up in a musical family in Santa Cruz and has been immersed in the sounds of traditional Chilean guitar and song since a young age.  She brought her music with her when she moved to Cleveland in 2004 to attend graduate school.  Emily Pinkerton, originally from Valparaiso, Indiana, studied abroad in Chile as a teenager, and fell in love with the music of Violeta Parra.  This passion for South American music led to several apprenticeships with traditional masters, a degree in ethnomusicology and a career as a performing artist.

“Singing these songs comes so easily to us.” says Emily, “Although we grew up so far apart, we share a love of the same artists and the same traditions. We speak the same musical language.”

Marcia and Emily’s duets are featured on Emily’s latest album, Ends of the Earth.  For more information, visit